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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How much do you spend on your hair

Happy New Year readers!!

Wow! It's 2010. Thanks to God for a new year and I pray that this year will be a blessed and wonderful year for you.

Well, I was balancing my cheque book for 2009 and I decided to calculate how much money I spent on my hair last year. I discovered that I spent below a hundred dollars. That shows that natural hair can be really inexpensive to take care of. (And I guess the fact that it is really inexpensive to get your hair done in Nigeria helps as well)

So if you are not natural yet and you need one more incentive to go natural then this is it: "Go natural and keep more money in your pockets... LOL.

I think some of the things that helped to keep my haircare costs down include:
1.) Finding what works for my hair and sticking with it instead of experimenting with every new hair product.
2.) Learning how to style my hair myself. I can basically create different types of hairstyles and looks so I don't need to go to the hair dresser often.

The pictures below show how my hair looked over the holiday.

Once again happy new year.

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