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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kinky or straight weave - why do we prefer one over the other?

Hi there!

Ever wondered why some people choose to wear afro weaves instead of straight weaves?

I have been wondering about it ever since I heard that TY Bello's afro is a WEAVE! TY Bello is a Nigerian musician and photographer. She is the photographer who took the first pictures of Nigeria's first family - President Goodluck Jonathan and family.

You can also listen to her latest single here: The Future

Whether the story that her hair is a weave is true or false, I hail her for wearing her natural hair or weave BIG AND KINKY.

What are your thoughts and/or comments please? Do you know of anyone who prefers to wear more kinky weaves instead of straight weaves? Share please.

Keep it natural.



Ola Yinka said...

Although I have sworn off weaves and wigs (just feel more authentic when I'm rocking my own hair), if I had to, I would only wear an Afro/kinky or textured weave because it is the closest in appearance to my natural hair.

Ola Yinka said...

PS: I love TY Bello's look

Bwalya Valerie K said...

I'm not a fan of weaves too much but I usually have kinky braids in the winter time coz I love big mother also hates straight weaves, she always goes for kinky...straight weaves are too high maintenance, you have to wrap them to keep them straight every night and flat iron them so they don't look frizzy but with kinky weaves all you do is play with it with your hands to puff it up and you're done and maybe use a bit of mousse when it starts to get old but that's it

Aramide Rufai-Ademidun said...

For me it looks more natural than the straight ones so I prefer braids, afro ponys and the like. meanwhile omozo nice to see you.