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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stretching hair - Bantu Knot Technique

We spoke about the fact that natural hair shrinks (see post here) and mentioned some methods of stretching natural hair so that more of the true length can be seen (see stretching post here). We have talked about using thread to stretch your hair (see post here). Today we will talk about using Bantu knots as a stretching method.

Bantu knots are called various things. I have heard them called china bumps, periwinkle and robo-robo. What else have you heard them being called? Bantu knots can be used as a hairstyle too but today, it is about using them to stretch your natural hair. I think you get the best results when you put in the bantu knots when hair is damp or wet. Of course you can then style as you want after you take out the bantu knots.

The video below shows you how to do bantu knots on your hair. Start at 1:57 minutes to see her doing bantu knots.

Here are pictures of my hair with bantu knots and after I took them out.

Bantu knots in

Bantu knots out. I picked out the hair some more and rocked it for the day

So try this out and let us know how effective bantu knots worked for you for stretching your hair.

Keep it natural,


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