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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yes it is my hair

On a visit to my Tailor, I met another customer waiting for her clothes. As I was looking at other clothes the customer asked me how long I had my "kinky twists". And that was when the wahala started o! I told her it is my hair and she told me "It cannot be your hair!" Waaaat? We kept going back and forth.

Me: It is my hair.
Sister Customer: It is not your hair. It is kinky twists.
Me: It is my natural hair.
Sister Customer: It is not your natural hair.
Me: Touch it and you will see it is my hair.
Sister Customer: I don't need to touch it because I know it is not your hair. It is attachment.

Definitely not extensions; just small twists with natural hair and rolled with perm rollers

Na wa o!

The Tailor entered the gist.

Aunty Tailor: It is her hair. I know her. Her hair is natural.
Sister Customer: It is CANNOT be her hair. Just tell me what extensions you used.
Me: *looking bewildered and shocked*

I went back to looking at clothes and left Aunty Tailor to defend 'my' ownership of 'my' hair. I am not sure what Aunty Tailor told her but after a while I heard "Ooookaaaay! Ah I cannot wait for my hair to grow that long!" At that point I took a hard look at Sister Customer only to notice that she is at the beginning stage of dreadlocs!


Keep it natural!



yeva said...

Loooool... Our customer was jus jealous joor...

Natural Nigerian said...

What a conversation. I think we all have it from time to time. Amusing.

Ghanaian Emprezz said...

So funny!!

Africa Naturalista said...

Na wa oo. See how they turned you to liar.

Anonymous said...


Geri said...

Lol wow. And she was so self-righteous about telling YOU about YOUR hair. lol. chai!

Miss Fizzy said...

Lol... Naija sha...

Angel said...

OMG that would annoy me. I would have just undone one to show

Curious Kinks said...

lol! you didn't need to proof yourself by asking her to touch it. she just wants to remain in ignorance!