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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A trim in time

I no longer fear the scissors and trims. I have had my share of horrific experiences when it comes to getting my hair "trimmed". You know the times when you ask the stylist to take "a little" off the ends and you stir from sweet salon slumber to see you just got that Halle Berry Bond Girl cut! And in Nigeria the stylist may soothe your screams and tears by telling you the style is "reigning" or  "it fits you oh!" Yeah those ones!

I typically trim my ends myself. My hair is long enough now for me to be able to pull the back hairs to the side to see what I am doing. Taking off a little hair off your ends is referred to by some people as "dusting". Now if you need a major cut it is advisable to go to a professional. I gave myself a major big chop in 2008 and let's just end the story now with "bwaahhahhahahaha at the lop sided result"!

My last trim was last April so I'd say I was due. Plus my ends looked dry and like they needed help. And the ends had started snagging, more than usual, whenever I was taking out my twists. For me all these are signs that I need a trim. How do I trim my hair?

1) I trim my hair just before taking out old tiny twists;

2) I put my hair in sections and get out my SHARP pair of scissors. Don't use blunt scissors because you do more harm than good;

Put hair in sections to make it easier to work through

Sharp scissors please. If unsure, buy a new pair.

3) I stand in front of the mirror and decide how much to take off and I trim one twist at a time. I never trim two or three twists together.

Looking at the mirror to make sure I do not trim off too much hair

All done?

My ends look much better than before

Time to take out the old twists, shampoo, deep condition and style. It is much easier taking out twists after trimming and I have less snags.

So there you have it. Go to a professional if you are not comfortable trimming your hair yourself. Just be sure to stay awake and alert!

Keep it natural!



Ore said...

Informative post. I actually had my hair trimmed today, or perhaps "dusted" is a more appropriate term. I had it done at the salon, but she seemed to look for the split ends before snipping. It seemed to get the job done.

In the past, I've also twisted and trimmed.

Omozo said...

Thanks Ore. I have often heard what you described called the "search and destroy" method of trimming! Funny name but effective. I think it keeps you on your toes as you look out for split ends or knots and eliminate them. I am really glad you had a good experience getting your hair trimmed at the salon.

Africa Naturalista said...

Let's just say I have not been able to overcome my 'fear of trimming'.

Curious Kinks said...

I am never an advocate for dusting. because often times you end up just "dusting" one section of the twist, due to the way the hair is twisted. I tried this method once and had to trim my hair again loose when I took it out because it just didn't work. Though it makes gives a twist a clean look!