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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Of course you do! Nobody can hide from the Christmas carols and songs on TV, radio, in the stores and all around. We started out in November by asking "Is that a Christmas carol I hear?" to now wondering why some radio stations are not playing enough Christmas music. Well ... some people are probably tired of the songs BUT NOT ME! I have been listening to Christmas music since November. Say what you like but I thoroughly enjoy Christmas. Thoroughly.

Thank God for Jesus Christ who is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Without Jesus Christ we would be hopeless. Thank you God! Thank you God!

Since I have my radios tuned permanently to a station that plays Christmas music, there are some songs that I am enjoying. It is hard to pick favourites so I'll just say I really really like the following songs:

Go tell it on the mountain
Joy to the world
O Holy night
Feliz Navidad
Christmas must be something more

There is one song that makes me turn up the radio and sing along. The song is "I wanna be your Christmas" by Andrew Allen - a Canadian from Vernon, British Columbia. The chorus is:

"I wanna be the 12 days wrapped in one/I wanna be your drummer boy/parum pum pum pum/I wanna be the egg nog in your rum/ I wanna be/ I wanna be the lone star that you see/I wanna be the partridge in your tree/I wanna know that Christmas just ain't Christmas without me"

I looooove the "drummer boy" line and it makes me smile all the time. Never-the-less I remember that Christmas just ain't Christmas without Jesus.


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