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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the season ...

Christmas day is almost here and everywhere is buzzing. People are talking about family, friends, gifts, food, parties, getting days off work and on and on. IT IS CHRISTMAS! The radio stations are playing Christmas songs and some are playing Christmas songs all day every day.

And then we wonder "what do I do with my hair for ...?" It could be an office party or a family gathering or a Christmas wedding or any Christmas function that you may be attending. The question still remains "what do I with my hair?"

There are many options for hairstyles and as we always say on this blog BE CREATIVE. Don't limit yourself - have fun with your hair. No matter what you do, please remember to keep your hair moisturized, hydrated and healthy. The healthier the hair, the nicer the hairstyle.

Here are some hairstyles you may try this Christmas.

You can wear this style to a Christmas party with your family or at a friend's house. It is playful and fun. I achieved this hairstyle by taking out my week old twists. Shake your hair a little for your hair to fall as it pleases. For people with short hair, shaking your hair might give you a headache which will make you not enjoy your party. So use your hands to fluff out your hair. Add dangling diamond (or something that looks "diamondy") earrings to give yourself a hint of "playful glamour".

Wear this to your work Christmas party. Wear it to work for the day. Then for the party change accessories and add some make-up and you are ready to rumba!

To get this hairstyle: twist your hair with two strand twists. Then put the twists into bantu knots or china bumps. I kept my hair in twists and bantu knots over the weekend for a tighter curl. Then take out the knots and the twists and sweep in the sides. Add some "wow" by using a nice shiny hair jewel like a hair comb or some shiny hair pins / clips if you are having an evening office party.

The style below can be worn to a Christmas wedding. Now if you are in the wedding party, I recommend you wear a hairstyle the bride agrees to. Showing up with your own unauthorized/unapproved hairstyle may cause a little wedding day drama. It is Christmas so do your best to avoid the drama! Getting this style is easy.

For this style, I rinsed out my twist-out . Stand under the shower for about 30 seconds and don't use your hands to massage your hair. Just let the water run through the old twists. Or pour about 3 bowls of water over your old twists and you get the style. Then put in some accessories and you are ready to witness a couple become man and wife.

So you see, you have options. It is your hair so have fun and be creative.


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