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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Curl Assault - An Experience

I looked back and saw him

He smiled at me

I nodded my head and looked away

He walked up to me

"I like your hair" he said

"Thank you" I said

He asked if it was mine

I said "yes"

He asked if he could touch it

I said "ummm ... no"

He smiled

I stared

He said he likes my curls

I said "Thank you"

He said he could give me something to make them ... silkier

I said "Huh?"

He said the product had no lye in it

I knew it was a lie

He said my curls need to be tamed

"Tamed?" I asked

"You know ... more manageable ... neater" He said

I stared

I opened my phone and started to dial 9-1-1 slowly

"What are you doing?" he asked

"Calling the police" I said

"Why" he asked

"You are harassing my curls" I said

He ran



Sharon said...

That's HILARIOUS! ahahaa

Indigenous Productions said...

LOL! That cracked me up!