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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RE: Real Coconut Oil Versus Fake Coconut Oil

So I wrote a post about coconut oil a while back saying that the coconut oil we get in Naija was fake because it does not solidify in cold temperatures. Our resident guest blogger Omozee, made a comment regarding this. Her comment was:

No you have "isale" Agbon which is different from the coconut oil (Adi Agbon), the isale does not solidify, sigh I cant describe it but I will get the info from granny and post it. The isale is the runoff of the oil ... But you dont have the fake one you have "Isale" which is a lot less dense than the coconut oil. I find my coconut oil does not solidify in Nigeria, it will solidify in the fridge-freezer but thats that!
Another thing is your oil may be very old and our people add paraffin to keep it runny (I can go into the organic chm of the thing if you want regarding breaking of hydrogen bonds of the coconut oil due to dipole moments of the paraffin) I digress sorry...

So I stand corrected. The coconut oil is not fake. Sorry for the misinformation and thanks for the correction Omozee


Omozo said...

This is good to know. Thanks Omozee. More detail would be good. Is the parafin harmful to the hair or body?

Ms zee said...

sorry ladies I have been super busy with school. I have also asked mum to give me the details of where we get the coconut oil from now I was of the opinion it was in lagos but its an aunt in Ilorin that makes it for the family but mum is on a lagos trail so I'll def keep you posted.

Paraffin is not harmful it can be found in many hair and body products and your candles apart from the ones made with bees wax are usually made with paraffin wax please see

mellowyel said...

parrafin isn't bad for your hair per se, but i think it acts like petroleum jelly/mineral oil in coating the hair strand and can cause build up or prevent moisture and oils from getting into the hair shaft. i generally avoid it.