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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nature's Gentle Touch kinda lied on Bella Naija

The writer of the article on Bella Naija wrote "In strengthening the hair, the process of hair relaxing is used." What the ...! Okay so I read the whole article and then I read the comments and then I got a headache and had to take a break. Read the article here.

It is articles and comments like the ones that followed the article that remind me that there is so much work to be done in educating Nigerian women on proper healthy hair care. I am just shaking my head. In the comments we are informed by Bella Naija that the article is written by a "Hair Professional sponsored by Nature's Gentle Touch". Okay so that explains the fundamental fib that the article was built on. It is basically a commercial that was not paid for.

For the record: relaxers do not strengthen your hair. They "damage" your hair so that it can become permanently straightened. The healthy or good hair care practices we are taught or encouraged to carry out when we relax our hair is really just to hide or minimize the damage. Once your hair is relaxed, the damage cannot be reverted. This is why going natural involves growing and not relaxing the new hair that grows.

That's the science and that's the truth. So now that you are better informed, make your choice.

Keep it natural (and true)



Becca said...

I think they meant "straighten" not "strengthen", cos the typo was repeated even when they were saying that relaxing weakens that hair.

Otherwise the article was very informative and offers useful hair care tips

So said...

I cam across that article as well. I'm tryna give them the benefit of doubt and assume that it was a typo.

I mean, how in the world would a Relaxer strengthen the hair???

Anonymous said...

I think the writer meant to write 'straighten' and not 'strengthen'. I read the article and figured that's what she meant.
Either way, you're right about us having a long way to with hair care in Nigeria!

Omozo said...

Wow what graciousness! Perhaps the writer did mean Straighten and not strengthen. Never-the-less, we should be reminded that relaxers are honestly not the best choice for good hair care.