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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Travel Size Hair Care Tips

We just came back from a trip to Benin City (in Edo state, Nigeria) where we celebrated our Grand-mommy’s 90th birthday. It was awesome! Grand-mommy is also natural: we’ll show pictures later. 

While traveling you want to still take care of your hair. I mean, no need to take a hair care break because you are on vacation! And with most airlines and bus companies having baggage restrictions, we do not have the liberty of carrying those large bottles of shampoo and conditioner anymore. We all want a smooth journey to our destinations and so anything that removes the travel drama is welcome in my opinion! 

Here are 5 tips to help you pack a hair care kit fit for any trip.

1) How long is your trip? Decide this and pack accordingly. Add a day or two in case something prevents you from heading home as planned.

2) Acquire 100ml sized bottles and jars. 100ml is the standard size Airlines allow in your carry-on luggage. In Nigeria, buses are usually stingy with space: charging you for almost every piece of luggage you carry. Investing in these small sized bottles and jars is worth it. You can either purchase or re-use old bottles or jars. Make sure you clean your containers properly whether re-using or purchasing brand new.
L-R: Shampoo in the bottle and Conditioner in the jar

3)   How are you going to do to your hair on your trip? Are you going to wash and condition your hair or will you be maintaining your hairstyle or are you going to do rinses during your trip? Decide all this so that you do not carry a whole suitcase full of hair products! I prefer rinses during my trips because it is less hassle and my hair still gets some refreshment. Oh! If you plan to rinse out or wash your hair do not forget to pack your cotton hair wrap or towel.

 4)  Put hair products (shampoo, conditioner, oils, Shea butter mixes, hair spritz and sprays etc.) into the small travel size bottles and jars mentioned in #2 above. It is important to secure your products in the bottles or jars properly. Oils tend to leak through bottles so consider wrapping your oil bottle(s) in a transparent bag and then storing them perhaps in a transparent plastic container. You can never be too careful. If you have ever experienced seeing sweet scenting lavender oil on the red dress you were going to wear for that award ceremony, securing those oils would not be a chore but a necessity! I am just saying  :-I    

L-R: Home-made daily Peppermint spritz in the bottle and Shea butter mix in jar

 5) I recommend you put your travel hair products in transparent bags like the zip lock bags. This saves you the drama of explaining to Customs officials at the airport and then removing them from your cute hair bag to end up putting them in the transparent bags anyway.

Zip lock bags I use for my trips

What are your travel tips? Share them with us.

Keep it natural (and enjoy your trip)!



Africa Naturalista said...

Happy birthday to your granma. Many you live longer than her, lol.

I bought a set of travel bottles in a transparent park, from primark. It saved me the hassle of carrying all my haircare products for just 1 week trip. It was just 1 pound and really worth it.

Obi said...

Smart advice. Saves money too. No need to go hunting for stores that sell the products we use which couldn't make it on the trip due to size/ weight. Sometimes we end up braiding our hair as a last resort to avoid the hassle of maintaining it when away from home. Good planning and smart packing ensures that we look as good as we would love to with no added stress. Thanks Omozo!

Omozo said...

@Africa Naturalista: Thanks for the birthday greetings to my Grandmama. I know you spend less money and time when you plan.

@Obi: You are welcome!