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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Must-Have Items

The longer my hair stays natural and the more I learn about healthy hair, the fewer products I use. At one point, I had so many hair products that some friends came over just to know what product I had just bought! Not so anymore thank God (and I know my bank account is dancing too)! There are some items I realized that I have always had with me for my hair.

So the 5 items I THINK every natural haired person should have are:

1) A wide tooth comb or a brush or something you can use to detangle your hair (that could be your fingers too). I have a wide tooth comb and a Denman brush. I use my fingers to detangle when I take out any hairstyle before I wash my hair. I use my comb or brush after washing my hair.

2) A satin or silk scarf or pillowcase to wrap your hair when you sleep to retain some moisture in your hair. I prefer a scarf if I cannot have both because it keeps my hairstyle in longer and reduces the occurrence of frizz.

3) A spray bottle (or 2 or 3) for water and any other moisture or oil based product you need for your hair. I have a few spray bottles. One for water. Another for some oil. And the third for a mix of water, glycerin and peppermint oil. I have big, medium and small spray bottles.

4) A shower cap (or old nylon or plastic bag) to cover your hair for deep conditioning. We know that deep conditioning helps moiturize our hair. Trapping heat is essential when deep conditioning and a shower cap assists with this.

5) A butter or oil product (or both) for sealing and conditioning your hair. I use shea butter or cocoa butter or both mixed together.

So what items do you think every Napp should have in her arsenal of hair care products? What are yours?

Keep it natural!



onyinyechi said...

Bobby pins!..these have saved me many times. :)

Africa Naturalista said...

Ok, I have all these items. So I guess I am in your good 'hair' books. Lol

Omozo said...

@Oyinyechi: Yes! Yes! bobby pins o! Thanks for adding this.

@Africa Naturalista: You are always in my good 'hair' books. Any other items you think should be added?

Curious Kinks said...

pair of shears, microfiber hair towel (at least a separate towel), I like to use a hand towel to wipe my hands during styling, rat tail comb to part the hair for styling, hair clips or bands for sectioning. The list goes on, as i'm my own stylist :)