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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spruce up old twists (or braids)

Okay! You have had your twists (or braids) for a long time: they are looking old but you are not ready to take them out. So what do you do? Put them in a bun or hide them in a scarf?

3 week old twists. What do I do to spruce them up?
 No need for that! Do you have rollers? Can you do bantu knots? If so, use those methods to spruce up your old twists or braids.

Aha I've got an idea!

How? Easy! Get your rollers ready. The size of rollers does not matter - the size of the rollers depends on how big you want your curls to be.

Wash, condition and seal your hair as you would normally do. While damp, put your twists or braids in the rollers (or bantu knots) and let your hair air dry (or use a dryer if in a hurry).

Small rollers on old twists. Use any size of rollers you want or have.

Take out the rollers or bantu knots and voila newer looking twists (or braids). Use a product that will give you some hold, like gel, if you want stronger hold or longer lasting curls.

Voila! Newer looking old twists. LOL

 I was able to rock the curls for an extra week before taking out the twists.

Styled for the office. Not bad I'd say.

Hope this helps. Have fun putting new life into old twists (or braids).

Keep it natural!



Natmane said...

Beautiful, Omozo. Posts like this are helpful especially when finding hair time is an issue...Welcome back o:)

Olayemi Alaba said...

Love this post and great idea
i some time feel tired to do something to mine....hhehe
and i love your facial expression
"PING" light bulb look
and it does look cute on you too


Cleopatra said...

did this style actually last week but with bantu knots

Bass said...

Not bad at all!

Uzoma Okafor said...

Wow! This is wonderful! Please how can I achieve twists that can last this long and still look this good on this my short hair?

Omozo said...

@Natmane: Thanks
@Olayemi: Try this out next time you feel 'tired' with your hair and share with us please ;)
@Cleopatra: Please Please share pictures with us!
@Bass: Thank you

Omozo said...

@Uzoma: I am not sure how short (or long) your hair is however, you can try bantu knots instead of rollers. Now if your hair is too short for bantu knots then maybe you will have to wait for your hair to be a little longer.

Please send us an email ( with a picture of your hair so that we can get an idea of your hair length. I have a feeling it may not be as short as you think ;D

Africa Naturalista said...

Na wa for all you people that can wash your twists or braids (without extension), and it wouldn't loose.

I can't even try it. Ordinary everyday sweat is enough to loose my hair

Curious Kinks said...

i always do this style to my twist after getting tired of wearing it straight. But I often use foaming wrap. I'll try using a styling gel next time for longer hold, because the style usually last for few hours only.

Omozo said...

@Africa Naturalistas: LOL! Hmmm I am glad we have talked about this ;)

@Curious Kinks: let us know the results of using gel. Thanks for commenting.