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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

African Naturalistas Product Line - Nigeria

Hair Butters, Shampoos and Rinses Oh My!

(okay you can indict me for not being original :D)

African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mix

Where are the Nigerian natural haired Sisis o!?! This one is for you. African Naturalistas has added some goodies to the hair butters she has been selling. She has painstakingly researched and experimented and all of that has resulted in the addition of more products to her growing product line.There are shampoos, rinses and lots more.

So no more complaining about not being able to find products that you can use for your natural hair. African Naturalistas presents you with an all natural product line. SO CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR MORE DETAILS AND PLACE YOUR ORDER QUICKLY because, as you know, these goodies will not last for long. And to the sisters with relaxed hair: you too can enjoy the products in this product line! There is something for everyone.

Keep it natural!



Ghanaian Emprezz said...

it's good to have our own products.

Kokoma said...

I am happy product are now available in Nigeria for Naturalistas. Hoping to get mine soon. @ blogger you are doing a great job, keep it up.

kokoma said...

Nice work you are doing @ o'naturals. It nice knowing products for naturalistas are now available in Nigeria.

Kokoma said...

Nice work, keep it up @o'naturals. Nice knowing products are now available for naturalistas in Nigeria.