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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Uneven hair - Long here short there

Twisted my hair and took a good long hard look at it. It is glaringly obvious now that the back of my hair is much longer than the front and sides. Hmmmm ... I know that the back grows faster than the rest of my head (hair?) but now it seems to be very obvious. I thought about cutting the back to match the rest of my hair and decided against it. And here is why:

1) If my "back hair" grows faster than the rest then cutting it will not stop it from growing faster than the rest of my hair. Sure for some time I may have even hair length all over my head but that will change because my back hair will just outgrow the rest of my hair

2) Who says I have to have even hair length anyway?

3) It kinda looks like a mullet hair cut *cringe* with the twists in but in a twist out or Afro, it looks fly!

4) Finally, my hair is growing so what's the fuss? *shrug*

I say all of the above to say this: it is always good to question some of the assumptions and beliefs we have about hair (and life too). Now that I have thought about it, there is really no reason why having faster growing hair on one part of my head should be an issue.

So good people, some of the expectations we have for our hair (and selves) are just baseless and not necessarily beneficial (some things are permissible / allowed but not necessarily beneficial). When these baseless expectations are made the rule, whether knowingly or not, we become stressed over nothing. So chill out on the "my hair is not soft" or "my hair is not tightly or loosely coiled" or "my twists don't hang like that" or "my hair shrinks too much" or ... Get my drift? Just stick to the "good hair practices" and you will have healthy hair. And trust me, healthy is better than anything else.

Keep it natural!



Ang said...

I agree! I am in my 2nd year and after all the problems my hair had prior to being natural I don't stress or sweat the small stuff. Healthy hair is good hair and I have good hair! My hair isn't even either but it is healthy. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been since letting the chemicals go. Your hair is beautiful by the way. My motto is- "do you"

Omozo said...

I feel you Ang. Go for healthy hair - it is more sustainable and satisfying than the other options.