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Friday, December 7, 2012

Take Out Your Locs - Courtesy Z of LITK

So I never believed you could take out your locs until I saw this post by Z of LITK. Z took out her locs and returned "Poofy" to the fro! At first I screamed "WHYYYYYYYY!" But then I was intrigued. I saw her with locs and then with the locs picked out. Unfortunately there is no video on how she picked out the locs. However, it is great to know that it can be done and you do not have to cut your hair. Check out the post here and see what her hair looked like after she took out the locs.

Here is the video ofZ talking about taking out her locs.

Here is a You Tube video showing you how to take out your locs. Lots of work but worth it.

Keep it natural!



Masuka M. said...

When I decided to cut my locs after 5 years and go natural in 2009, my loctician (here in Lusaka) offered me the option of unpicking them as opposed to doing the Bog Chop. She just warned me that it would likely take two days, but it was possible and they had done it before. I told her I wanted to start over and BC.

Omozo said...
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Omozo said...

Yeah doing a BC seems the easier way. But if you want to keep the length you have gained then unpicking them is the way to go. Hmmm ... it takes patience! LOL!