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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think I will let you decide for your self. I have included the link so you can read up on it. You can also find out about it via the tube (you tube). I got a bottle of it, which to me is just bonkers. Why? Well it cost $29 plus shipping and customs duty to Canada (sheeks).

The reason I bought it is because I love to experiment and it can last up to a year. Basically, the Biochemist in me knows this product is packed with a lot of PROTEINS OR AMINO'S aka the building blocks of life and cells. From very basic biochemistry, I know it speeds up the turn over of dead cells fast and also strengthens cells hence less breakage and faster growth. The downside is that since it is filled up with a whole lot of proteins, it can do the reverse of what it is suppose to do if care is not taken and my hair HATES proteins. Aphogee disaster will be discussed in the next post. So this is going to be a challenging challenge :). But I believe I am up to the task and armed with loads of Shea butter, coconut oil and Miss Jessie’s baby butter cream (I swear by it and my hair loves it).

By the way I am so on my Biotin and other vitamins especially while on megatek because I don’t trust the overload of proteins :)

In subsequent posts, I will chronicle my challenge. I am starting small so I will use it for 1 month and the routine is 2ce a week for one month so every other day in the week I will have braids or weaves on my hair :) .So lets see how this goes. Ok folks, I have talked too much lol take it easy

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