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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Hair Regime-Locs

My hair regime is really simple especially since my hair is loc’d. It is important to me, to wash my hair once every 2 weeks. I have found that washing my locs with a tight hair net works best for me. Using this method stops my hair from being fuzzy and looking like I was just electrocuted! I use mild or medium shampoo to wash my hair. In all honesty I actually use the same shampoo I use for my daughters. Then I use leave in conditioner and that works. At this stage, I no longer comb my hair ... because I have locs!

Once I have washed my hair, I air dry because with that I can go about my normal activity without having to think about my hair. You can also use a blow dryer but the temperature should be on medium not high. If high, my locs become really fuzzy. But I also read up that if you blow dry using high temperature with a hair net on; it will minimize the fuzz considerably. And then I just finger comb my locs … actually it is more like “finger spread” than finger comb.

I also use a sulphur based hair cream because I am prone to dandruff. It is like my scalp has its own winter season! This helps a whole lot. I have read about and also now use some herbal and fruit rinses. These rinses are very good and can reduce dandruff problems.

In my opinion, simple hair regimens are the best. They take less time, use fewer products and still keep your hair looking hot, hot, hot even though it is natural!

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