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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vitamins and hair growth

It is very important to take vitamins, vitamins are added supplements to help in proper body functions. They are got from consuming foods like, fruits and vegetables and legumes. In the society we live in, it is very hard to get your daily intake of vitamins due to our fast pace of life and work hence the need for added vitamins.

Initially when I did my big chop, I was not concerned about my hair as such, I was just happy to be free of chemical relaxers and braids but when I saw how quickly my hair was growing, I changed my routine and decided to do some research on vitamins and how it can help grow out my hair. I read some blogs, talked to my mum and a few other people in the medical field and in a variety of fields. Armed with some information, I hit the herbal shops in search of a good multivitamin.

I needed a multivitamin targeted to my hair to help strengthen it, make it shine and give it “body and bounce”. I needed a powerhouse in one multivitamin. In reality, I don’t think that it can ever be possible but I found something that works for me and I only have to use it once a day. It is Biotin 5000micro mg. I took 1 caplet a day and used it for 4 months then fell of the bandwagon. But I returned to it after my henna dye because I forgot to put in the yoghurt and my hair was super dry and brittle afterward.

In my opinion in the 4 months I used it religiously (and with a combination of good diet practice like eating the recommended 5 servings of veggies a day) it worked for me. As with all multivitamins, you need to take it with your meal and water. If you take it alone, the body just expels it as it has no idea what to do with it but with food, the body synthesizes it and it gets deposited where it is needed.

I use Now Foods Biotin. Nature’s valley is also good. Those are the two Canadian brands I know, and I always go for about 2500 -5000 micro grams as it’s my only source of multivitamin at the moment. Check with a nutritionist to know how much you should take. Now Biotin is a B- complex vitamin, it is known also as vitamin H or B7 and helps build new cells. If you don’t want to use biotin, get a good multivitamin like One a Day for women as it will help with not just hair growth but nails and skin too.

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