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Sunday, May 13, 2012

AMAA 2012 - Nse! Nse! Nse!

I was at AMAA 2012 (Africa Movie Academy Awards) and saw some natural haired ladies there. Read our blog posts on AMMA 2012 here and here. I did not see Nse Ikpe Etim. It was after the event that I was told that she showed up and SHOWED OFF her natural hair! I am so proud of her! It is the Didi hairstyle and her stance in the pictures that just make you go "Wow! She did it." And she did it very well I will add.


Of course there are the "Detractors" (I used big grammar there) who have said her hairstyle was not "red carpet hair". What does that mean? American actress Viola Davis wore her TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) for the Oscars in March. Talk show host Wendy Williams' comment? She said she does not want to see it on the red carpet. (You can read an article about this on Madame Noire) *Sigh* "They" do not want to see natural hair on the red carpet, "they" do not want to see it at the office etc. So I ask, where do "they" think is the appropriate place for natural hair to be worn or shown? Oh sorry I know the answer! Hide natural hair under something ... anything but not out in the open and "they" will be happy. Newsflash: You will be seeing more and more women wearing their natural / un-relaxed hair in various hairstyles. So here's a tip: Get used to it!

O'Naturals interviewed Nse in January (read the interview here). In response to the question: are you looking forward to wearing your natural hair out? Nse answered "I can't wait to finish the film, take off my hair and walk the red carpet with natural hair." She did just that on Sunday 22nd of April 2012 and she did it very, very well. Here's to you Nse.


Keep it natural!



Yumzi said...

Wow inspiration to the highest level, she rocked her natural hair and she looked beautiful doing so

Africa Naturalista said...

I am so gonna do flat didi when I become a celeb oo. This is just to warn people that are ready to shout. lol.

I sometimes carry flat didi to work and people raise their eyebrows, but I no send

Obi said...

I wish I could flat did my own hair. *sigh* the things I wish I could do.

Rolake said...

Ha, love this woman. Doing her thing. Real inspiration for us natural sisters.