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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Over sabi nearly ruined my hair!

A few days ago, I had been in the sun for a long time without covering my hair. By evening, I could tell my hair was really dry and needed a moisture boost. Instead of simply wetting my hair and applying some rinse out or leave-in conditioner I decided to do over sabi. I put some coconut oil on my hair and covered it with a shower cap and went to bed. The plan was to rinse it out the next morning then seal with some hair butter. Instead I left the coconut oil in my hair all day the next day because I figured that since it is coconut oil and it softens hair there is no harm leaving it in my hair with my hair covered with a shower cap the whole day - 24 full hours.


When I was ready to rinse my hair in the evening, my hair was hard! I mean hard like thin cardboard. No joke o! *insert horror movie multiple stabbing scream here* My heart was pounding and I kept thinking "I am in trouble!"

If you think that was bad just add another thing to the equation. During the day my head was itching more than normal. I have some peppermint essential oil in the house. I reasoned that I would put some in the rinsing water and rinse my hair. Omozo now decided to POUR (don't know why my wrist was so loose sef) about half a cup of it into the bucket of water because in Omozo's mind it was a big bucket. Then I rinsed out  the coconut oil using the water with excess peppermint EO. My hair felt even harder and much dryer.

Solution? Do what should have been done in the beginning. I:
1) Twisted my hair while sectioning carefully. I noticed my hair was really matted while sectioning so I had to detangle with a comb. I did not expect the matting to happen. *More horror movie screams and music*
2) Washed my twisted hair once with a little shampoo to get out as much of the coconut oil and peppermint EO as possible.
3) Applied rinse out conditioner. Waited five minutes before rinsing it out.
4) Applied a creme based leave-in conditioner especially to the tips of my hair.
5) Sealed with some of the hair butter I made that day.
6) Trimmed the ends: my hair was due for a trim anyway! (And I did a length check too :D)

The result? Better feeling and looking hair! *dropped to my knees thanking God* The shine was back and my hair truly felt softer. Phew!

Bowing my head in gratitude while humming "The storm is over ..."
Moral of the story: I need to practise what I preach and "KEEP IT SIMPLE SIS!" If you do something or use a product that your hair does not accept, just wash it out and condition as usual. Don't go and do over sabi* because it will most likely not end well. Feel free to share your own "over sabi" stories.

Keep it natural (and simple)!


*"Over Sabi" is a Nigerian slang used to describe over doing something because you feel you know too much. I think it can be used as a noun or adjective or adverb.


Africa Naturalista said...

Loooollll. Thank God it ended well.

JazzWife said...

Wonderfully funny but I don't laugh at you . . . I'm laughing with you. But more importantly, I am happy that things worked out well in the end, despite the uncertain moments.

Omozo said...

@Africa Naturalista: Thank God indeed!

@JazzWife: I am glad it all worked out too. I cannot imagine having to cut my hair because of my foolishness!

NaturaLocs said...

I'm no hair expert but I feel your pain on this one. It's so common to want to rectify dry hair with oil, especially natural oil, but just remember oil doesn't add moisture it only seals it. H2O is the best moisturiser for most people and putting the oils on afterwards does indeed work wonders. I'm pleased things ended well for you, I had to deal with serve breakage at one point. check out my new journey:

Omozo said...

@NaturaLocs: Thanks for the tips. Sometimes I forget the simple things. Congrats on deciding to loc your hair. All the best on that journey and keep us posted!