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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Naturals on TV

I was watching cable TV and noticed that the ladies in the non-Nigerian soap operas were most likely to wear their natural hair than the ladies in the Nigerian soap operas. More specifically I think these soap operas are Eastern or Southern African soap operas. I saw afros, afro puffs, twist outs, and locs.


Then I watched Tinsel. Tinsel is probably the most popular Nigerian soap opera on TV right now. The episode I watched did not have any women wearing their natural hair, not even a natural hair weave. Why do you think this is the case? If you guys on Tinsel are looking for someone to style natural hair for your show come and talk to me o! I can hook you up! #justsaying

Here are pictures of some of the ladies with natural hair in the soap operas I watched. Pardon the quality *sheepish grin*

Keep it natural!



Anonymous said...

Pls help! I already have natural hair but i don't know how to manage it. It's breaking off as if there's no tomorrow.

Omozo said...

We want to help. Please send an email to