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Monday, October 15, 2012

Chigozie shares her pictures

Chigozie has been following O'Naturals blog for the three years she has been natural and she has been gracious enough to answer some questions and share her pictures with us.For that we say "Thank you Chigozie and keep loving your natural hair!".

Thanks O'Naturals! Your blog is what has helped me stay the course, so it is an honor to share my routine on the blog.

 I wash my hair with  shampoo and conditioner biweekly or more. I use the Forever living Aloe-Jojoba shampoo and Aloe-Jojoba conditioning rinse. I'm just beginning to use leave in conditioners as well. Right now I'm trying out Olive Miracle by African Pride as I already use Organics Olive Oil as my hair moisturizer.

I go to the salon for my twists. I get my sister to do my cornrows and for anything afro, that I do myself. For most styles I use gels mainly olive oil based. I find I'm falling  in love with olive oil  for my hair.

I'm still natural because I love the fact I can do more with it. Your blog has also helped as mentioned earlier and I've always loved the idea of standing out from the crowd. Well standing out from the crowd didn't last for long, since more people are discovering the joy of going natural :) 

Keep it natural!



Anonymous said...

very lovely, i'm motivated to show off my hair more now rather than hiding them in braides pending when they get longer. i like her styles

Omozo said...

Glad you are inspired. Go for it!