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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Curls on locs

My friend's display picture showed her with curled locs and I asked her how she achieved it.

1) Wash and re-loc hair. I think you can do these curls on hair that is not re-loced;
2) Put in the flexi-rod hair rollers while hair is damp;

 3) Allow hair air dry then use a hand dryer to finish the drying process if necessary;

She did not use any gel or holding product and no holding spray. She said she will use holding spray next time so that the curls last longer.

There you have it. Try this out on locs (and "un-loced" hair too) and share your results please.

Keep it natural!



NaturaLocs said...

This style is so pretty and the makeup is FIERCE! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! Very beautiful! I also do this to my locs when I have time. Everyone loves the style. I had to change the size of the rollers from large to small because the smaller ones had a better curl (and lasted a lot longer then the thicker rollers). My only complaint is that it takes so long for it to dry. So if I don't have a couple of days, I just dampen my hair and do a quick braid (using gel for hold). Last longer, and not so king of a wait.