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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Augusta's Curly Locs - By Ibhaze

Augusta and I work at the same office. Augusta has lovely locs and for some reason I never thought of interviewing her for the blog! Imagine that. So I asked her about styling her locs and here is what she said:

"I have had dredlocks for four years now and trust me apart from the initial thrill that your hair is long and beautiful, not to mention all natural, the reality dulls the thrill. I am bored. Same look, same mirror image. It's all a boring tortured circle. I decided to spice my looks up but what do I do? Hmmmmmm. I made cornrows with my dredlocks, for a change. Then I remembered what a friend told me once (my dear Ibahze). She said that I should wet my hair when it is in cornrows. So day two of my cornrowed locks I wet my hair and allowed it to air dry and then applied baby oil to it.

It looked funny when I went out but I braved it up with fashionable droopy earrings. Then came day 4. I had a date, so I decided to take out my cornrowed locks and voila! I got curls! Real curly girly curls! I looked so hot I couldn't stop staring and smiling sheepishly at me. Very simple way to look diffrent when you are tired of your straight locks and it is something that can be achieved over the weekend to make people oooh and ahhhh over your locks come Monday. Now I am loving this new and easy discovery. I have learned to spice up my looks and the curls can stay in for a minimum of two days.

Who says your dredlocks can't look divaliscious?"

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