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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't throw it away - Re-use it!

Some of the items we own get to the point where we cannot use them for their initial purpose. So instead of throwing them away, turn them into something else.

1) Old plastic bags as shower caps. These are also called nylon bags in Nigeria. Use old ones in place of your shower caps. Wrap your hair with an old plastic / nylon bag when you are taking a shower or when you want to deep condition your hair. Warning: These bags can get noisy if worn in the rain.

2) Old toothbrush as hair brush. Use an old toothbrush that has been properly disinfected and cleaned to brush the edges of your hair. I soak mine in hot water then add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil on the bristles for antiseptic properties before using to brush my hair.

3) Old cotton T-shirts to dry your hair. More napps are using cotton t-shirts to dry their hair because it does not snag the hair. See our post on how to dry your hair. So instead of throwing away that cotton t-shirt, wash it and use it to dry your hair!

4) Old pantyhose (or tights) as a head band. This works well for me especially beause of the elasticity. Take an old pantyhose that you no longer use and cut it long enough for you to use it to tie your hair. Tayo (check out her interview here and check out her 'how-to' here) gave me a fab idea. Before using the old pantyhose or tights, she sprays them with conditioner and oil to soften them. Remember that the fabric can also snag your hair. So make sure you condition and/or oil it to soften it properly so that is gentler and kinder to your hair.

5) Old buttons, broken buttons, single ear-rings etc as ornaments for plain hair bands and alice-bands. Get some glue and spruce up those boring black, brown and blue hair bands. Get some of those little things that you can't use but don't want to throw away and stick them on your hair band and allow to dry. Put it on and you've got a new hair ornament.

6) Old relaxer as toilet bowl cleaner then use the empty container to store your shea butter. Shocked, scared or both?  LOL! I am not kidding, relaxers work as toilet bowl cleaners. They may not remove the stubborn "been there forever" stains but they will clean your toilet bowl or sink. Try it (and let me know).

Any other tips you want to add to this list?

Keep it natural!



Alan Fraser said...

I don't need a shower cap but that is a great idea. I agree with you we do throw far too much away instead of repairing or using it for some other purpose. I had a work light burn out and tried to get a part for it , no parts for it just buy a new one and chuck out the old one. GRRR.

Natural Nigerian said...

I am all for recycling. Great tips.