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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair Nightmare - By Cabella

I fell out of bed because my phone alarm would not shut up even though I kept pressing the stop button. I spent about ten seconds on the floor cursing the phone. When I was done, I looked at the time. It was 8AM! I was late for work. I bumped my head on the chest of drawers as I tried to get up. Why was it so close? I paused, muttering to myself a little prayer "Oh God, please don't let it be one of 'those' Thursdays." Then like a bullet I got ready for work in record time - 30minutes. Don't worry I took my bath.

I had missed the company bus so it was going to be taxi today. I walked quickly to the main road to flag down a taxi. Finally one stopped and I negotiated the fare and got in. Before driving off, the driver asked "Madam shebi everything is okay?" I guess he had seen the lump on my head. "I am late for work" I answered as I dialed my work to say I was running late. "At least traffic would have cleared by now since it is 8:45AM" I consoled myself.

We hit Third Mainland bridge and the enemies of progress had set up camp! Gridlock. Go-slow. No movement. I wanted to cry. This could not be happening. I really wanted to cry. I honestly contemplated getting out of the taxi and taking a motorcycle. I reasoned that I should just stay in the taxi patiently since I had called work to say I was running late. Afterall, the bridge may be free in front. I was convinced so I relaxed a bit. I soon fell asleep.


Traffic was flowing better when I woke up: not as fast as I would have preferred but it was moving. I noticed people looking and grinning at me as they drove by. I had been drooling as I slept so I embarrasingly wiped my mouth and face. Then I pressed the bump on my head hoping that the swelling would not be so noticeable. Even Mr. Taxi Driver kept glancing at me through the mirror. "Oga wetin?" I asked him. He looked away and kept driving.

I more or less jumped out of the taxi when I got to work. 11:15AM. Gosh! I was annoyed but I could not say with whom. I threw the money at the taxi driver and yelled "Thank you!" as I ran into the building. I had a presentation at 11:30AM so I did not have time to saunter in. I ran into my office with my colleague hot on my heels. "I know I am late. I am sorry. Thank God we finished and practised this presentation last night" I blurted as I got my laptop ready. "Cabella ..." my colleague started  but I cut him off "It is okay I will not be flustered. Let me just get to the meeting room and I'll be okay." My colleague stepped in front of me and blocked my way. "You are not going anywhere like this" he said sternly. He led me to the bathroom mirror in my office. I screamed! My hair was still in plaits tucked inside my hair net! I had left home like this? How?

I screamed again and I fell out of bed because my phone alarm would not shut up even though I kept pressing the stop button. I spent about ten seconds on the floor ... thank God it was only a nightmare!



martha said...

lmao.that would have been hilarious yet embarassing if it wasn't a dream.

Myne Whitman said...

Hahaha...that was so funny! Thank God it was just a dream, lol...

Eki Ogunbor said...


Pepperz said...

OMG! You almost had me you know?! This is brilliantwriting. I always enjoy your write ups. Hope reality won't imitate fiction one day... Keep them coming! God bless

Omozo said...

I checked my head extra this morning just in case. LOL!