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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confessions of a Nappy Head

I shall borrow a line from Usher. These are my confessions:

1) I sometimes comb / brush my hair when it is dry ... and I don't always start at the ends.
2) I don't read the ingredients on the containers of the products I buy.
3) I don't know my hair type (4a or 4b or 4c and 3a combo) and I honestly can't be bothered.
4) I take my satin pillow case with me on ALL my trips so that I can lay my hair on it.
5) I don't understand "sealing" so I don't do it ... well maybe I am doing it and I don't realize that I am doing it.
6) I have tried flat twisting several times and I still do not know how to do it.
7) I add Castor oil to ALL my 'store bought' hair products: shampoos, conditioners, gels etc.
8) I used to wash my hair with conditioner only but now I don't believe it is effective.
9) I refuse to help my friends or family relax their hair: my cousin thinks this is taking "this natural thing" too far.
10) I sometimes want other people's hair because of the texture and/or the length.

What are your Nappy Head confessions?

Keep it natural! 



Global Horizons said...

As a 'newbie' I still think that I can use shampoo products for relaxed hair.
Color rinse does not penetrate well in my newbie coils.
I blamed the relaxer for my scalp scabby issues when it was clearly suffering from dry issues.
Well, not anymore. I've found some products that are nappy friendly!

Omozo said...

I use shampoos and conditioners for dry or colour treated hair and they seem to work well for me. When you find a product that works - stick with it until it stops working!

martha said...

Am a product junkie and am constantly touching my hair instead of just leaving it alone.
i comb my hair like everyday *blame it on shrinkage,am just trying to see the length*