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Monday, October 19, 2009

10 benefits of wearing your naturally kinky, nappy, napptural, curly, afro hair

1.)Strangers will randomly put their hands in your hair.

2.)You could become a product junkie.

3.)On the other hand you could save loads of money when you live in a town with no salons that cater to afro textured hair and you are forced to make your hair by yourself.

4.)You will experience Hand in fro disease. If this is your first time going natural since you were a kid. You will usually end up being so fascinated by the kinks and curls that you will not want to get your hand out of your hair.

5.)You will not run away from the rain. You may end up singing in the rain when you realize that your hair will not revert cause it’s already reverted.

6.) You will be given a fitting stereotype or you may as well create one for yourself. Options include:

Soul sista

Revolutionary sista

Conscious sista

Health conscious sista

Spiritual sista

Pan-Africanism sista

And many more

7.) Your hair will become other people’s bizness. Everyone will always want to know what you did to your hair and how you did it to your hair and they will have opinions on your hair all the time. That is the part that I personally love.

8.) No bad hair days. Many naturals report that since they went natural their bad hair days have reduced drastically. If it even threatens to be a bad hair day, just add water and puff it or fro it. The afro and the afro puff work all the time. Yep, they do.

9.) In order to learn about your hair you will prowl sites, blogs, and fotki albums spending hours in front of your computer. Thus you will gain loads of knowledge and may eventually memorize the diagram of a hair strand as well as chemicals used in hair products along with their definitions.

10.) Your social life will become more interesting as it will include Natural Hair Gatherings, trips to the theatre to watch hair movies and attending natural hair shows and workshops.


You will become a mixtress in your home, whipping up shea butter and aloe vera concoctions just for your hair.

You may begin to smell like food as a result of using natural products and kitchen ingredients on your hair like eggs, coconut oil, olive oil.

Tell me what are the benefits you have experienced since you stared wearing your hair natural.



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Ms zee said...

I love this especially the no bad hair days and singing and dancing in the rain hahahahahaha My sis came to spend some time with me over the 'non-existent' summer and it rained when we went out, she cursed and raved but I just smiled, the silly thing made me wait in starbucks until the rain stopped cos she couldnt mess up her fresh do ha! I told her to go natural and she rolled her eyes oh well...