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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking care of your total self.

Hello Folks,
I was thinking... hair thrives in a healthy body so while you are taking the time to take care of your hair don't neglect your body. I have been neglecting exercise and eating right. So last week I put myself back on an exercise schedule. I actually get really bored with monotony so exercise can be pretty boring for me. Anyway, I decided to try aerobic dancing and skipping as a form of exercise and so far it is working for me. But it has only been two weeks so... LOL

If you feel like you can't exercise because you don't have a gym membership, you should consider doing simple exercises at home. Get inspiration from this article

Anyway, has anybody else come up with a plan for maintaining total body health. Let me know what your plan is.

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Omozo said...

I use public transit to get around. I get off a few stops before mine so that I can get in some minutes of walking. It is getting colder now in Toronto so my casual walking is fast becoming "brisk walking".