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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Hair Regimen with Braids

Hello Blogworld J
I hope everyone has had a fulfilling week, I most certainly have. If you are in Canada, or in the Ontario area to be exact, you will know fall has hit us without any warning and with a Big Bang (pow) lol. I went to bed last week and it was still summer, woke up the next morning and I was shivering outta my pjays lol.

Why am I ranting? Take a guess, common guys you can do it, just one guess. Ok, ok I will let you have it: my hauuuurrrr. Yeah, I have had in braids for about a month on the 5th and though it is a protective style, I hate braids. I don’t know why I can’t keep my hand out of my hair. I am always fidgeting with it, pulling and twirling and tugging at it. Arrrggghh! I am working on it though. Whenever I feel the need to tug at my braids, I take a deep breath and count to 10. Does it work? Nope but there I said it!

I am determined to take this style for 2 months. Between us, this hair is super rough. My folks say it isn’t and I need to stop fidgeting with it and braids are much finer when they are old yaddi, yadda (rolls eyes).

Anyway, my regimen for my braided hair includes:

-Chemical strip with lemon and a little bit of baking soda (2ce this month)
I do not wash my hair; I do the chemical strip instead. Soaking a small warm towel into the lemon-baking soda solution. Layering my hair in sections, I go gently on my scalp. I DO NOT SCRUB. I apply a little pressure and just clean scalp. You can do a scalp massage afterwards. I usually do a chemical strip on, Friday or Saturday evening, then in the morning do the scalp massage.

-Scalp massage oil (every week say Sunday)  - Shea butter, half teaspoon of olive oil, 2 drops of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil –OR JUST GET CAROLS DAUGHTER’S HAIR BALM . It smells delicious by the way and it works for me. Now I am very stingy with my Carols daughter’s products and when I have extensions in, I don’t really use it as much.

-And loads of hair bonnets, scarf’s (silk) and warm head nukes (almost like mittens for your hair).

Below are pictures of some of my hair accessories, I love, love fall, you can have fun bundling up with layers and layers of lovely stuff all in the name of keeping warm J In my next post, I will let you all know where I get most of my stuff from to give you a hint, I LOVE VINTAGE, I am a vintage freak and I have not explored all that Toronto has to offer yet.

That is all for now, stay warm and moisturize your hair people. Fall is here already.



Dawn McEwen said...

Thanks for this girl, as i just got braids in, which i have not done in 5 yrs.

Ngohide Makurdi said...

Very nice. If i ever braid again (too much hair breakage the last few times) will attempt this routine. I guess the chemical strip helps with the itching?

Ms zee said...

@ Dawn, I have resolved to be in braids until the end of winter and I am pleased to say I got 1.3" of new grown yipeeeeeeeee.

@ Ngohide(pardon me, is the "h" in your name silent) as in Ngode(thank you in hausa?) I lived in Kaduna for 10yrs:) Yes for me, the chemical strip helps with itching and also the smell especially in the summer because I run almost everyday:)