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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How I trim my hair

I confess that in the last three years, I can count on one hand how many times I have trimmed my hair.  This was not the case when I first went natural. Back then I used to trim my hair once in 1 to 2 months.
Some people say that it is a must for you to trim your hair regularly. Others will say that there is no need to trim if you don’t have split ends. I think if you maintain healthy ends then you won’t have to trim so much. I am trying to get into the habit of trimming my hair often. I am not sure what often means to me yet. LOL. Maybe that is once in 3 months?

But I decided to trim my hair at the end of last month because my ends looked raggedy with a few fairy knots in them (link). I washed and conditioned my hair then I put it in a few twists and then clipped off the ends with a pair of scissors.

Also I make sure that the pair of scissors I use for my hair is only used for my hair and nothing else. Make sure your scissors are sharp. A blunt pair can cause more split ends.

There is also a method for trimming hair that I’ve heard about. It is called search and destroy. LOL. I love that name. It basically consists of you looking for hairs that are spilt and trimming those hairs only. It takes time of course and may only work for longer hair since when it is longer you’ll be able to see it better. I find that if I’m looking at my hair and I see a split end, I immediately bring out the scissors and clip it off.


Moni said...

I'm a search and destroyer. I don't focus on finding split ends that much, but I regularly cut out any fairy knots or rough ends (which are probably split anyway) that I find. I do this when detangling my hair, styling my hair, sitting at home watching tv, whenever! My hair scissors are never too fair away and as a result my hair is fairly easy to detangle.

O'Naturals said...

So does this mean you search and destroy every week? Does that have any drawbacks in terms of length retention.

Moni said...

Yeah, I search and destroy regularly. I think it actually helps with length retention, because I cut out the single strand knots before them become massive multi-strand knots. If left alone, the fairy knots would eventually tangle with the rest of my hair and require me to cut even more. I cut right above the knot, so that I'm only cutting what is absolutely necessary to remove, usually only a few millimeters at most.