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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Detangling Hair

How do I detangle?

So basically, I had been loosing wayyyyyy too much hair and I could not figure out why. After reading about some naturals who used finger detangling. I was able to come up with a detangling method that works for me. I attribute this to divine inspiration because I do not understand how I could be natural for 8 plus years and still have no clue about how to leave hair on my head when I detangle. 


My method is like this:

When I take out my twists, I simple do a pre-wash conditioning treatment then I wash my hair. Sometimes I wash by putting my hair into big plaits but lately I have not been doing this. I just wash my hair loose and it works for me. I think making a choice to wash your hair loose depends on how long your hair is.

It is important for me to do a deep conditioning treatment before I detangle.

After I rinse out the deep conditioning treatment and remove excess water from my hair using an old shirt, it is now time to detangle.

I take little sections of my hair, put some shea butter in it and use my fingers to separate the hair. Then I detangle the section using a wide tooth comb starting from the tips and working my way to the roots. When I’ve combed through my hair, I twist it up. When I’m all done I can go to sleep with the twists and  the next day my hair is stretched out enough for me to style.

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