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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hair Spa Afternoon - Toronto Style

Hey! Hey! It was a great day when a few natural/nappy/kinky haired women got together for a Hair Spa afternoon. We laughed, talked, argued, disagreed, encouraged one another, exchanged hair products, and sighed too. I have to thank the ladies who came out because they made it a great day.

So the Hair Spa Afternoon was inspired by the blog post from Indigenous Productions which you can read here.

After reading the post, I decided to go for it! I invited some ladies who have natural and relaxed hair. Hopefully the hair tips we share on the blog can be used by anyone who wants to have healthy hair. The women who came all had natural hair and are in different phases of being natural. We had new napps, old napps and “napps in hiding”. *LOL*

During the afternoon, we talked about why we went natural. We learned some cool hair tips like how to extract coconut oil from coconuts. Trust me, you have to be patient to extract coconut oil from coconut and you need a whole lot of coconuts to get a reasonable quantity. We learned that ALL NATURAL UNPROCESSED shea butter can be used to cook too. We heard horror stories of salon visits. One of the ladies went to a salon where she was told that she is confused because she is natural but wanted the hairdresser to press her hair. Can you believe it? She said she was bewildered by the hairdresser’s accusation. The funny thing is I have been to the same hair salon and had a horrible experience with exactly the same hairdresser. I think I shall post a blog entry on hair salons that are napp haters. We heard about how family and friends reacted to the news that we were going natural. We also gave one of the ladies a hair treatment. We twisted her hair using Kinky-Curly curling custard. She loved it! We did too.

One thing that was so cool is how everyone wanted to touch everyone else’s hair. I think this is something only natural haired black women do. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Ladies complimented their hair and asked “Can I touch your hair?”. Another cool thing is how everyone said to everyone else “You have nice hair.” I think that is so wonderful! It is encouraging and empowering when you interact with people who appreciate and are excited about natural, kinky, nappy black hair. It started as a Hair Spa Afternoon and ended well into the night. At the end of the night, each lady got a bag of goodies. They got all natural shea butter, black soap, hair jewels and candy. Sweet gifts for sweet ladies!

So go ahead, get your friends together and have a Hair Spa Afternoon. Email us and let us know how it went.



Awa said...

Hey Omozo,
Am justing seeing your post about the spa afternoon, it was truly a lovely day and meeting all the fabulous natural sistahs. I learnt so much from the ladies n i might even be whipping up a batch of coconut oil soon. Thanks once again and if you are doing an encore just hola.

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