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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Digging for Gold

It’s easier to strike gold if you’re digging. Only once in a while do you hear about people who actually stumble upon something of worth when they weren’t looking for it. Sometimes, you hear about people who stumble upon something else while searching for another thing. For example, you may be digging for gold but then strike oil instead. Either way you were digging.

Occasionally, when you’re digging for gold you may not find anything at all. That’s life. You win some and you loose some. Digging is never a waste of time though, because digging helps you develop strong muscles. So if ever you decide to stop digging and start building something, like a pyramid for example, at least you would have had some practice in hard labour.

At other times you may find that while you are hard at work shoveling and grunting, somebody significant stumbles upon you.  After inquiring about what you are doing, he or she may decide to employ you to dig for them on their own land where they are sure that there is gold. The decision of whether to keep on blazing your own trail or abandoning your territory to blaze the trail for another is entirely up to you.

There is also the possibility that you may be digging in the wrong place or with the wrong tools which is why you are not finding anything. Since we are only human, we make mistakes like this. However, a knowledgeable spectator may decide to let you in on the secret that you are digging in the wrong place or with the wrong tools. Then at least you would have acquired the knowledge you need to correct yourself.

At this point I will add that this same law applies to fishing, cooking, sewing, and many other professions. You are definitely more likely to catch something if you are fishing. Just like you are more likely to make a garment if you are sewing.

In case you missed it, the translation for digging is W-O-R-K. By work I mean you need to be doing the activities that push you forward and move you closer to what you want to achieve. In summary, you are more likely to succeed at something if you are working. You need to work to actually make something happen. If you are not working but instead loafing about, you are definitely on your way to achieving nothing. Dreams don’t just happen; people actually work to make them happen. Careers don’t just materialize, instead everyday people with the same abilities like you and I wake up every morning and spend hours of their day putting the pieces of their careers together. Businesses don’t just start by themselves. Nope. People make them happen. One reason why successful people are actually successful is because they decided to get up and work. So, pick up your shovel and start digging.



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