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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fake versus Real Coconut Oil

I only just discovered that real coconut oil will start to 'solidify' when it is in a cold room. But the coconut oil I bought from Ojota market recently does not do that. Hmmmm, I think my coconut oil has been mixed with another type of oil. I'm not happy at all :(

For those of you who buy your coconut oil from the market, watch out for the fake stuff.


Anonymous said...

aw that sucks :( The only reason I know real coconut oil solidifies is because they sell it back home to cook with and it's always cold in the grocery store so the oil is always solid

Indigenous Productions said...

Yeah, it sucks big time. I was so disappointed when I discovered that the ones I buy were nor real.

Perhaps I will try making my own.

Ms zee said...

No you have "isale" Agbon which is different from the coconut oil (Adi Agbon), the isale does not solidify, sigh I cant describe it but I will get the info from granny and post it. The isale is the runoff of the oil, arrrgghh I know how to say the process in yoruba but not English and I say English is my mother tongue? I just cant translate yoruba to english. But you dont have the fake one you have "Isale" which is a lot less dense than the coconut oil. I find my coconut oil does not solidify in Nigeria, it will solidify in the fridge-freezer but thats that!
Another thing is your oil may be very old and our people add paraffin to keep it runny (I can go into the organic chm of the thing if you want regarding breaking of hydrogen bonds of the coconut oil due to dipole moments of the paraffin) I digress sorry

erm, I get my coconut oil from 3 places in Nigeria, if you want I can call Omozo and give her the info :)