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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today we are coloring with Henna

 Omo’s henna recipe taken from SimniCity and modified

Ø  Half pack of henna
Ø  2 eggs - Protein will help strengthen your hair so it is not brittle
Ø  Half tub of full fat yoghurt (I do organic) / or 2 avocados (your choice) – fat to help your hair remain soft and shiny
Ø  1 big mixing bowl
Ø  A spoon to mix
Ø  Cling film
Ø  2 tea spoons of coconut oil or 1 cap  (5mls) of sweet almond oil + 1cap (5mls) castor oil – to help moisturize the scalp and add shine to your hair
Ø  Oven (or somewhere warm)

In the large mixing bowl, pour half the content of henna into it, crack eggs and beat it lightly.

Add half a tub of yoghurt and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and the other oils, mix thoroughly until it is almost a green brown color (I think this is dependent on the type of henna you buy so just mix until there are no clumps and it looks even. I mixed mine for about 20mins. )

Then cover with cling film and put it in your oven at 50degrees C or lower (or put it somewhere warm) overnight.

Day 2 – part hair into sections and apply using hands or a small comb.

Apply product on hair up to ends if you want. Cover hair with shower cap and a towel around it to retain the heat. Leave on for 3-4 hours (I recommend even longer ‘cos my hair did not retain a lot of color).

Rinse out with warm water, do a warm oil steam, wait 30 mins then wash hair gently with mild sulphur free shampoo.

My hair turned brown or color 33 (a darker shade) and I loved the way it came out in streaks. I did this in April, its October and the color is still vibrant

I took out my braids last weekend and I am putting another one in again. I am happy to say 1.3” of new growth sprung forth.

Have an awesome weekend people don’t hesitate to ask any questions and for those who are in transition, hang in there and please remember; we are here to help you get through this hurdle.

The first picture is the final result with Henna.  The second and third pictures are showing my hair after I took out the braids and the growth, which I am so proud of. 

Also you can read about henna here


My first experience with henna was over 15 years, in Malali village, KadunaMy “bestest” friend for a long time Halima, stole some henna from her mum’s room and taught me how to mix and apply it on my finger tips and soles of my feet.

A few months back, I stumbled on SimniCity (unfortunately she is off youtube at the moment) and her henna recipe for coloring her hair. Halima’s image came to mind so I called Halima up; and asked if I could use henna for my hair. She told me about henna, and how to identify the good ones (there is no trick to recognizing good ones, read the label and make sure it is LEAD AND MERCURY FREE) and where to get it (Most south Asian stores (Indianand North African Stores (Egyptian) ) and so I am going to share this with you. Let me put a disclaimer saying what works for me, may not work for you!

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