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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Dada with the Dada" - Interview with Tosin

I met Tosin a few months ago and it has been a treat! She is intelligent, gorgeous and has a spectacular sense of humour. Enjoy!

Name: Oluwatosin Dada – Tosin.

Where are you from: Ogun state in Nigeria.

What do you do: Business Management at First Bank Nigeria.

At one time you had your hair relaxed. Tell us why you decided to go natural: I got my hair relaxed when I was 10 yrs and kept it so until last year (I won’t tell u my age *wink*). However, being the not so girly me, I got tired over time and reduced my re-touches to twice a year. Last year before my birthday, I was thinking of what to do differently plus I had this hair crush on Dakore Akande's hair (she is a Nigerian actress). I also had some damages which I believe were as a result of the relaxing my hair. That was the magic! I wanted something different for the New Year and I had a chuck of under growth so DREADS was it! I got my hair locked and am so loving the idea

How did you go natural? Did you transition or did you do the big chop: I left for the salon and I didn't say a word to anyone. I then got the relaxed ends chopped off. And you know what? I just had to capture the moment!

Did you grow out your locs immediately you went natural or did you wait for some time: Well since I used to relax my hair just twice a year I had quite some under growth so the minute I cut off the relaxed bits, I had my virgin hair locked.

Why locs: Because they are easy to maintain (no salon and HAIR DRYER that stuff started to give me headaches)! I also find locs trendy thanks to Dakore Akande (Nigerian actress). Plus I can have locs and still do anything with my hair. All those points made it awesome to have locs!

How has the locing journey been so far: Well I feel different and I like the feel of my hair and the feeling of a well aired scalp. It has been great and I don't regret the decision.

You work in a “very corporate" environment. How have managers and employees responded to your locs: In my previous place of work it was quite strange everyone thought “oh u have dreads”. I got comments like "nice hair' (from ‘new generation’ people). Some said “I think you should get rid of this hair" (from the’ oldies’). And there were those who said “Wow Tosin Dada with dada!". NOTE: "Dada" is one of the names for locs/dreadlocs in Nigeria.

I had some clients who asked me questions in a disgusted manner and some people just didn't even notice my hair was in locs. But as far as I was concerned there was no going back. All I had to do was keep it looking as neat and clean as possible.

Why do you think the response has been like this: My take is that people will always talk and give their comments because it is new and may not be what the general public is doing. But over time people are getting used to it and the others will catch on with time. But you know what? I ain’t taking it off anytime soon!

How do you deal with negative reactions: I brush it off. I made up my mind long ago and am sticking with it. From time to time I prop up myself and explore ways to make my hair a cynosure (centre of attention) of some sort where ever I go.

What’s your daily hair routine: When I wake up I style my hair and put a scarf over it to give it the neat look. At night, I oil it sometimes when it feels dry. I re-lock at the weekends sometimes once in two weeks.

Where do you get your locs re-tightened: After a series of hair salon and loctician experiments, I finally found Tony (phone no: 0805-732-9642) in Ikeja, Lagos.

What do you like best about being natural: No more relaxing and I don’t get the thin hair from relaxing.

What do you hate most about being natural: The effect of water on my hair - it gets frizzy. And sometimes my locs are just stubborn!

What do you say to others who want to grow locs: Join the club!

How about those who are having challenges at work because of their locs: Generally with hair challenges I tell people to boost their confidence and make their locs as neat as possible. The truth is this: you can get away with most things once rightly presented or packaged.

Ice-cream or yoghurt: Ice cream.

Keep it natural!


Ola Yinka said...

Tosin, I love your hair. Thanks for sharing.
I started my locks (sisterlocks) five weeks ago and I am enjoying my natural hair even more than ever before. I have received many compliments at work and social settings. I suspect that those who don't like it are keeping their negative comments to themselves and that's fine with me! :)

Anonymous said...

SOS! please where can i get sisterlocks done in lagos?? i havve natural hair now like 10 inches long and its driving me crazy!