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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NATUREAL'S Shea Butter Whip & Glycerine Mix recipes

Hi! We did an interview of Ehizogie Ero who is the founder of Natureal Hair products. Read interview here. She has graciously given us two simple recipes we can try ourselves. To order any of her products, please email her at Let us know how the recipes work for you. Enjoy!
Shea Butter Whip 
Add Shea butter, glycerine and any essential oil and whip everything together.
The use of glycerine depends on how your hair reacts to glycerine. Some people’s hair does not respond well to it. However, if you have 4a type hair exactly like mine, your hair will love it and thank you for it.  

Glycerine Mix

You need glycerine, water, coconut oil or any oil your hair loves (my hair does not like olive oil). For every one part of glycerine, you need 3 parts of water. Now, because I go swimming a lot, I add aloevera to my mix.
Remember in my interview I said I make my stuff myself? Well I have an aloevera plant in my kitchen, I take the "leaves" from it, blend it with the 3 part of water I need and use a sieve to strain the skin out.
Mix the glycerine, 10 drops of coconut oil (or any oil your hair loves) with the blended alovera in a spray bottle. Give it a good shake.
Spray your hair with it every morning and lock in the moisture with the Shea butter whip and "your"/ my hair feels sooooooooooooo soft. Mind you the coconut oil does congeal in the winter. However if you have it near a little heat (hot water, hot air in the bathroom while having your bath) it melts like snow.
Keep it natural!

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