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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Painful Visit

I had planned to visit a friend and her family on a Saturday. I had a gift for her 12 month old son. I had not seen them for a while so I was looking forward to the visit. I arrived at their house in good time. Lagos traffic can be gracious sometimes on Saturdays. I think I hopped out of the car and skipped to the door. I pressed the doorbell and knocked on the door.

“We know you are here Cabella!” my friend yelled as she peeped through the open window. I made a face and stuck out my tongue. She opened the door and we hugged (or collided) and went through the excited pleasantries. While we were greeting, her husband came into the living room carrying their son in his arms. I greeted him just as warmly as I greeted his wife. I tried to carry their son but he pulled away. “That’s what happens when aunties stay away for so long” my girlfriend teased. I smiled and she winked. 

We sat down in the living room and started sharing stories and laughing. As we talked and laughed, I kept my eye on their little boy trying to find the right time to give him his present and carry him. Soon enough, he was seating on the floor by my feet. I leaned down and said “Hey there big boy I brought something for you. Come let give it to you”. I reached to carry him but he moved away. I tried again. The little boy pulled away again.

Not one to give up so easily, I got up and quickly scooped their son into my arms. I was feeling really successful. With my other hand, I picked up his gift. “See what aunty …” The little boy did not wait for me to finish my sentence or present his gift when he grabbed my hair tightly and pulled it. WTY!
Did he want to get down or did he really like my afro? I was not sure.
“What’s wrong? I brought you …” The little boy cut me short again with another tug of my hair. He pulled harder this time. I let out a muffled squeal as my eyes began to water. I was convinced he wanted to get down. 

Remember the scene in “The Incredibles” when the little baby, Jack Jack, grabbed the villain’s hair (Buddy / Syndrome) with both hands and pulled? Well that is the technique this little fighter used. He held on to both sides of my afro and pulled hard. I got the message loud and painfully clear! He wanted to get down. I dropped the gift on the floor. I started to use my free hand to pry this terror off my hair. He did not seem so cute anymore. He was not letting go. See trouble oh! The tug of war began. I tugged, he pulled. Why were his parents not helping me? They were laughing so hard, they had become useless in this situation. I finally got the monster boy off my hair. 

I slumped into the chair out of breath, bewildered at what just happened with my head throbbing. I looked at the boy I once thought was cute. Was that an evil grin on his face?



Omozo said...

Ha! Ha! Comedy. What does "WTY" mean?

Ola Yinka said...


Cabella said...

WTY: What The Yawa.