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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nivea goes and ...

You know, when I saw the picture of Nivea's Ad all I could say was "For real?" I don't know what to say again, the thing don tire person! Translation: I am tired.

Have a look at the picture below.

So the wahala is that a clean shaven black man looks like he is about to throw the head of an afro haired, full bearded man away. The assumption is that the head-thrower is the afro head before using Nivea. The caption reads "RE-CIVILIZE YOURSELF". The little box at the top reads "Look like you give a damn".

The questions that have been coming up, especially among black forums and natural hair blogs and websites are:
Is the "head" un-civilized because he has an afro?
Is it because the "head" did not comb his hair?
Is Nivea saying an afro is un-civilized?
Is that the head of Afro Samurai?! (sorry that was my inner voice)
Where there any black people on the team that came up with this Ad?
Who in Nivea thought this was a fab idea? etc etc

So I am wondering if people are taking it out of proportion by calling the ad racist? Or is there a valid cause for concern and out-cry?

I think the lesson here for ALL of us is this: BE CAREFUL! When the sign reads "Caution" you better believe it and slow your roll.

I however, will be majorly upset if that is Afro Samurai's head some idiot is about to throw away!

*Leaving to go and make sure it isn't*

Keep it natural!



Ehirox Ehi said...

This is just ignorance. It goes to support the notion that society only recognises you when u are clean shaven. Silly Nivea no be say their expensive product dey work on my skin self Sheeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Pepperz said...

It just goes to show what kind of ignoramus ad crew is working for them! Its a seperatist view. Nivea should cater to men irrespective of whatever styles they wish to carry! Not clever at all!

Ola Yinka said...

Which Ad exec approved this?! Interesting how they would consider afro hair uncivilized. Why couldn’t they use a head that looks like Brad Pitt’s when he overgrew his hair and sported a full beard? Just wondering…

Oae said...

It better not be Afro Samurai!!!

I read that the ad features other races as well and that it was a black man that came up with the ad