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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gbadebo Street - Ojota Lagos

A small street in Ojota, called Gbadebo Street (off Ogudu - Ojota Road), is home to suppliers and retailers of plastic and chemicals for household, cosmetic and beauty products. It is not posh like some other streets. The road is bad, cars are double parked, and it can be dirty. Hmmm … okay sounds like many streets in Lagos! However, it is a gem for those who produce home-made items like hand wash, shampoos, conditioners, disinfectants and dish washing liquid; just to name a few. I had the honour of being a tour guide for NN and Screwy Hair on their first visit to Gbadebo Street. 

We met up and headed to Ojota to see what we would discover at one of my favourite streets in Lagos.  We had our shopping lists and so onward we went. The lady I buy plastic from did not have the jars Screwy Hair wanted for her oh-so-nice Screwy Hair Butter. Just as Screwy Hair was about to wear a frown I jumped in front of her and commanded her to “smell my hair!” I asked her what she smelt and with a big grin and hands raised she squealed “Peppermint!” I had purchased a jar of the peppermint scented Screwy Hair Butter.
Screwy Hair and Natural Nigerian shopping
Then we strolled down to purchase some natural ingredients like Glycerin and Castor oil. We went to my “Customer” Kemi  and she was glad to see us. And then NN gave us a quick tutorial on testing for the purity of the chemicals we were buying and the importance of your supplier knowing what he or she is selling to you. Plus these natural products have a shelf life which means they also go bad. So don't buy too much at once. These are things I really had not thought too deeply about. However, if you are making products to sell to other people you better start thinking about these things. I am sure NN would not mind educating you for a small consulting fee! *wink*

Candy coloured spray caps
Our adventure was not over yet. We strolled some more and found an inner street, off Gbadebo, where I found some yummy-candy coloured spray caps. NN and Screwy Hair saw me running back to the car. I had to get my purse! I made my purchase while the ladies kept “window shopping”. At the end of the 4 hour tour, we sure had contributed to the economy of the street. We waved good-bye to Gbadebo Street after what was definitely a good outing.

Keep it natural!


Myne Whitman said...

These are some of the back street economy of Nigeria that most of us know nothing about. I wonder if the plastic containers are locally made?

Funbi's said...

Thanking for sharing this gem of a street with us sis *quickly takes note* :)


Natural Girl said...

This place is very close to my house o, i must do my own tour. Thanks for the info

Africa Naturalista said...

Omozo, you will take me here one day ooo. I will really want to patronise the street

Omozo said...

@Myne: Some pf the plastic containers are made in Nigeria and some are imported. One of the vendors told me that some of the manufacturers had closed shop.

@Funbi: You are most welcome!

@Natural Girl: Stop by for sure!

@Africa Naturalista: You know me now. I full ground when you are ready! LOL.

chioma said...

wow! i have to go to this place> i hear they are made in nigeira, the factories sell only in the thousands. thanks!

Natural Nigerian said...

I know that it is very exciting to have this information, but a note of warning!

Not to be preachy, but ALL the stuff there is not well handled. If you are going to use any of the things here in a product that you plan to use or sell, be armed with a broad spectrum preservative and know that you are going to have to use it at a higher percentage than is usually recommended. If not, you leave yourself and your customers open to mold and bacterial growth in your products. This may not be seen by the naked eye at first and using such a product leaves you open to serious nasties.

I wasn't brave enough to buy anything but a few small plastic jars which I will probably sanitize with alcohol. Omozo, Nike and I agree that we have to find a way to make the process better and we are working on that.

Omozo said...

Well said NN. As with anything you buy from "outside" you need to take the necessary precautions to make sure it is good for you.

Remember when Mommy said "Don't eat food from outside"? It is because one is not sure how it has been prepared. I say that regardless of where you buy your "stuff" from keep in mind that you cannot guarantee that it has been "treated" properly because you did not see the process.

Even though, in Nigeria, we are a bit more comfy when the item is imported from abroad, we still need to apply the necessary precautions.

I think the message is this: Ensure that you have done all you can to keep your products sanitary regardless of where you get them from.

happily nappy said...

Just saw this. I know the place, my mum and I go there to purchase chemicals used in making liquid soap. I never even thought to explore the place further. Wow!

Mne said...

Coming late. Any help for one who needs those bottles but does not live in Lagos?

Bella said...

Sorry, I know that this is an old post. I'm not too familiar with Lagos, because I came here primarily to source for materials for my business. I'm having GREAT difficulty sourcing for packaging for my goods. But I do know Ogudu GRA. Could you please give me directions on how to find this street from there? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please how do I get there and what are prices like,plus whom to buy from

datIgboChick said...

Hi omozo, I finally found your salon today after much search, google-ing and determination (never mind that I live close by)... so, I'm looking forward to stopping by saturday morning (I was told by Happiness ( I'm sorry if I got the name wrong?) that the salon is open by 9a.m).... my short hair is breaking despite all the 'treatments/remedies'... I hope a trial period of 1-2 months at your salon will do my hair some good..

blacky said...

Hello, please i need phone number contact for plastics container used for liquid soap

oluyemi olufemi said...

Pls can I get raw perfume nd essential oils from there too?

Anonymous said...

Omozo plz do u have a tested n trusted customer one can buy from apart from kemi and also shop number cos I no ft dy wake up n down o?

Qtes said...

Can I get organic products like flaxseed,tumeric,mango butter and others there?

Omozo said...

We are not sure. Younwoukd have to visit and find out. Hope this helps a bit :)