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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

R-A-N-T - By Cabella

Really? Randomly experimenting on the multitude of ways to make my hair conform are no more my priority. Residing in the forefront of my brain are the pain and turture of relaxer creams. Relaxation was far from my mind when those jars popped open.

Attitude. Agonizing over whether my hair is straight or soft or curly enough is now in the past. Admittedly it took me years to shake off those thoughts. Affectionately loving my hair. And the beauty of it, and me, I no more doubt.

No way! No need to interrogate me about my hair choices. Neither you nor I have it all figured out. "Nice weave" I'll say to you and to me you'll say "Nice Fro". Now we can all have a nice day!

Time out. Trust me, I take a step back from all the stuff out there. To just care for me and my hair. Twists will do for now. Two weeks later, I'll try another ... or maybe the same hairstyle. This is no contest Darling! Teach yourself to chill and just simply do you.


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