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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Length Check - I finally did it!

Sometime last year, I committed to not cutting my hair but to allow it grow. Well it has been tough because my fingers are itching to cut! However, I did a length check last October and did another one last December and noticed some growth. Yaaaay!!! Now the key is to retain the growth and have my hair grow some more. I have to thank Eki ( for helping me with the December length check.

So what did I do? Here are some tips that worked for me:
  • First, I resolved not to "chop" off all my hair;
  • I also paid more attention to the ends of my hair. Whenever I styled my hair I applied my Shea butter mix especially to the ends of my hair. Many times we forget to care for our tips when using conditioner after shampooing or during deep conditioning. The last few months, I have been ensuring that I apply conditioner properly to the ends of my hair;
  • I started adding some drops of Eucalyptus oil to my Shea butter mix. I read that it stimulates hair growth (and relieves itching);
  • I massage my scalp as often as I can, especially the areas I feel are not growing well. It helps blood circulation;
  • I paid more attention to my diet. I am a vegetarian and the last year has been an adjustment year for me. I have been taking more fruit, water, nuts and other non-meat sources of protein like beans and lentils;
  • One area that was and still is challenging for me is trying to reduce how often I manipulate my hair. For those who have met me, you know I like to change my hairstyles ... once in a while. I have to find a way to cut it down to weekly instead of 3 times (or more) a week!
So let's see how I fare the next 3 months and how much more growth I can get. I will most likely get a trim this weekend. Don't panic it will really be a trim and nothing more. :) Also check out and read her Hair 101 series. It is very informative.

Keep it natural!



Africa Naturalista said...

Hmm, progress

Osa Aisien said...

I have a confession!! I almost relaxed my hair!!! It was on of those times when i felt i wanted a sleek look i fixed a weave and to have my edges looking right i almost used a relaxer!!!! I chickened out and instead i covered all my hair and left nothing out.... I felt better after reading your article....the struggle continues :)

Omozo said...

@Osa: Good for you! You can use a flat iron next time to get that "sleek" look. I do not recommend frequently applying direct heat to your natural hair sha. But it is an option when styling. Keep up the struggle! :)