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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Twist-Out is Nicer Than I Expected

So I twisted my hair hastily a few days ago. I had planned to put the twists in a bun - nothing fancy. I carried that "hasty" hairstyle for a day. I did not like it! :( I took out the twists this morning and voila a twist-out. I pinned the sides in and thought the hairstyle was just satisfactory. Got compliments at work and decided to look in the mirror. The twist-out looked nicer than I thought and it had nice definition.

I achieved the style by using Screwy Hair Butter to twist my hair while it was a bit damp and I let it dry over night. I gues it does not have to be complicated to turn out well. For me, this is a lesson in keeping it simple. Let's see if I can keep the definition till Saturday. *crossing my fingers*

Keep it natural (and unexpected)


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