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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christy's Interview - Mommies & Babies Series

Meet Christy and her daughter: Mom's hair is relaxed and her daughter's hair is natural. Enjoy! 

 Name: Christy Adelaja.

Where are you from and where do you live: I am a Nigerian and I live in Lagos Nigeria.

What do you do: I am a Banker.

You have a daughter whose hair you are keeping natural: Yes.

How old is she: 2 years old. 

Why have you decided to keep her hair natural: I really think kids should look like kids and not like adults!

Did you ever relax her hair: No.

Do you and your daughter use the same hair products? If not, what products do you use for your daughter: I use Herbal Fruit Shampoo and Damatol mixed with baby oil for her hair.

What hair regimen and techniques do you use for her: I  wash her hair thrice a month and weave (corn rows). No attachments (extensions) for now!

Do you make her hair or do you take her to the salon: We do " home salon". *wink* I do her hair myself at home. It encourages her to stay through the whole washing, drying and weaving (corn rowing) process.

Challenges in caring for her hair – Does she cry / does she dread "hair days" or is it a great time all around/ do people pass negative comments: She hardly cries. Motivation: beautiful beads, biscuits, apples and Caprisone drinks! People always appreciate her beautiful hair.

What are you learning as you care for your daughter’s hair: Natural hair is beautiful, great, and the best!

What do you say to other mothers about caring for their daughters’ natural hair: Keep it neat and beautiful always.  

What do you prefer for mother – daughter events: watching a movie or going out together: Going out and watching her enjoy her freedom away from home!
Keep it natural!



Miss Jay said...

awww thanks for doing this series. I think it's very important that we encourage our young ones to love the hair they are born with. I personally can't wait to have girls so that I can play with and style their beautiful tresses :D I love reading ur blog. Keep up the good work :)

Omozo said...

Thank you Miss Jay! I am glad you could join us.

I totally agree. Kids get cues from us and if we 'behave' like natural hair is a bother, they'll pick that up too. I am really proud of these Moms!