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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tribute (A Poem) - By Cabella


Baby's hands are in my hair
Pulling at my strands so carefully
It tickles
I get goose bumps down my body
I lift my eyes up to look at her
She keeps pulling my hair
Detangling some knots
She is gentler with my hair than I am with hers
I relax more
Baby's song is incoherent
But I recognize the tune
It is raining outside
"Mommy and Baby want to play"
She finishes and starts again
"Come and do my hair Mommy"
Baby commands me
I don't want to
I am enjoying the attention
Baby pushes me
"Come and do my hair!"
Baby has a way of getting me to do what I don't want to do
I sigh
Sitting up on the couch
I place Baby on my lap
Hugging Baby tightly brings out chuckles from both of us
"That tickles" Baby says through the chuckles
Before I start
Baby instructs me
"Be gentle like I was with yours"
And I know what Baby means


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