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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 'Baggy Method' Explained on BGLH

Many of us natural ladies do this. We put a plastic bag, shower cap or plastic wrap over our heads for a period of time (from a few minutes to several hours) to keep in as much moisture as possible. Sometimes we do this after washing and conditioning while some do it overnight. I use this method when I feel my hair is dry and I am not ready to "wet" my hair by washing or conditioning it. I'll spray my hair lightly with my home made spritz or I apply the oil of my choice then take my plastic shower cap and cover my head and go to bed. It is not the sexiest thing but it works!

The BGLH article here gives us a more rounded discussion of this practice. As always, your results may differ from another person's results. It is important to observe how your hair and body respond when you try something because that will determine whether you continue it or scrap it.

Keep it natural!


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