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Monday, February 13, 2012

Prof Mom's Interview - Mommies & Babies Series

So we kick off our Mommies & Babies Series with O'Naturals very own Prof Mom. Enjoy!

Name: Osayomore Ossuetta (aka Prof Mom).

Where are you from and where do you live: I am a Nigerian and I live in Lagos-Nigeria.

What do you do: I am a medical doctor.

How long have you kept your hair natural: 8 years.

What’s your natural hair regimen: Right now I have dredlocs.
1. So I wash my hair every 2 weeks. After washing, I use Shea butter mixed with sulphur cream. Then I leave it to dry naturally.
2. I steam my hair once a month. I use Shea butter alone at the roots/scalp to do this.
3. I alternate between hair conditioner and shampoo when washing my hair.

You have two daughters whose hair you are keeping natural too: Yes.

How old are they: Samantha is 5 years old. Stephanie is 3 years old.

Why have you decided to keep their hair natural:
 1. They are too young, in my opinion, to use the relaxers and straighteners;
2. Natural hair in the long run is much easier to manage;
3. I am their mother and so what I say goes!

What hair regimen and techniques do you use for them:
1. Wash their hair once in 2/3 weeks;
2. Use a mixture of rosewater and glycerin which works very very well. This mixture retains the moisture and keeps their hair really soft and supple making it very easy to comb;
3. After washing their hair I do not dry it all up. I leave it damp and use the rosewater-glycerin mixture;
4. Then I style as is fit. Either weaving (corn-rows) or braiding.

Do you make their hair or do you take them to the salon: I used to make their hair myself. But now we get their hair done in the salon.

Challenges in caring for their hair – Do they cry / do they dread "hair days" or is it a great time all around/ do people pass negative comments: They cry when their braids or weaving are being taken out. Then we move on to looking forward to getting a new hair style. 
Yes, people pass funny comments. I hear a lot of "Relax their hair so it will be fine” and “Ah natural hair!!! It will be difficult oh." 

Are you teaching them about their hair: Honestly no. I just tell them that they have to wash their hair so it won’t smell and keep it clean always. 

What are you learning as you care for your hair and your daughters' hair: Patience and knowing what works.

What do you say to other mothers about caring for their daughters’ natural hair: We all need patience to care for their hair. Added to the fact that it is better to keep their hair natural for as long as you (MOMMY) have control. Explain to them as they get older about the benefits of keeping their hair healthy and clean.

What do you prefer for mother – daughters time: movies or manicures and pedicures: Movies! I can sleep through the movie without them noticing me. Except when I snore during the movie. :o

Keep it natural!



Bass said...

Love this! You make it seem so easy.
The girls are cute as always :)

Omozo said...

They are cute aren't they?