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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cinnabun Bun or Loose Twist Bun - Tutorial

Not sure what you would call this style. I call it a loose twist bun. I checked out some video tutorials for the Cinnabun Bun and it is different from this one. Anyway, I practised the style for a week to speed up my time and to perfect it. Then I tried it on some one else (I'll post pictures of that tomorrow). So at the end of the week I was able to complete the style in 3 minutes 34 seconds. *High Five!*

It is really a simple style and should not take you longer than 7 minutes to complete the first time you try it. I think you can wear it to work (I did). I am sure with the right accessories you can also wear it to formal or not-so-formal events.

I put the instructions in the pictures below. Try out the style and send us your pictures please!


Keep it natural!


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